Yossi Attia

Yossi Attia


"At Stanley Hills Development Group, We believe that vision is our most sustainable asset."

Stanley Hills Development Group

Styles may come and go, techniques may evolve, customers desire may change, suppliers and partners may change, entire marketplaces may shift, but our vision is our anchor. Year after year, a consistent vision tells our organization what to believe in, where to invest, how to perform, and how to measure success. Everyone has their own definition or interpretation of vision, but the ingredients are nearly always identical. Success is found in leadership’s ability to develop a picture of the future and act on it. We are delighted to introduce ourselves along with some rare moments of clarity that we feel have captured the essence of vision. Enjoy the view.

Yossi Attia

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Atia has an immense background and knowledge in the Real Estate development industry. He has developed properties, neighborhoods and communities since 2000. Mr. Atia’s meticulous attention to details, strategic planning, vast knowledge and experience has always enabled him to produce exquisite work that transpired well above any other development. His work has always been praised, inspired, envied as well as honored by the City of Beverly Hills for best design. Mr. Atia represents the best in the industry and through his outstanding work he has raised the value of many neighborhoods. Mr. Atia holds an M.B.A. in Economics and Marketing from Pepperdine University and a B.A. from Haifa University. Prior to real estate development, Mr. Atia was a Senior Vice President of Investments at Interfirst Capital, he was also a Senior Vice President at Sutro & Co., and a Vice President of Investments at Prudential Securities.

Andre Larocca

Vice President

Andre Larocca is celebrated designer, architect and licensed contractor. His work has been recognized by Los Angeles County, the city of Beverly Hills, and the Duke of Windsor. Winner of Best Built and Designed House in Beverly Hills for his projects at 164 N Stanley Drive, 2819 Coldwater Canyon Road and 15101 Muholland Drive to name a few. Mr. Larocca has worked with celebrity clients including Nancy Reagan and the late President Ford. His work can be seen from Bel Air to Key West and from London to the South of France.